Is your company ready for digital transformation?


Dealing with digital transformation is possible only if relevant data and information are immediately available.

Success depends on quick decision making, on response times to sudden changes.

That’s why choose us: thanks to our human and professional skills, we can build solid and safe infrastructures that upgrade interoperability levels.

With us, companies can face digital transformation quickly and effectively.

AXLE’s force

Enthusiasm, teamwork, curiosity and passion are the basis of our approach to work.

Relationships with people are among the fundamental values ​​of our business, in which we strongly believe.

Choosing AXLE is to invest in young people and their great potential, which will be transformed into the success and satisfaction of our customers.

We design ad hoc solutions that fully meet the needs of our clients. We carefully define the interoperability objectives of the information structures that we intend to achieve, to project EAI systems tailored to clients requirements, according to the sector in which it operates and depending on the technologies available.

Integration is the cornerstone of our offer, but we are also highly specialized in:

  • SOA (Service Oriented Architectures);
  • ROA (Resource Oriented Architectures);
  • EDA (Event Driven Architectures);
  • BAM (Business Activity Monitoring);
  • BPM (Business Process Management);
  • MOM (Message Oriented Middleware);
  • CEP (Complex Event Processing).

The shifting of the application focus from the IT sectors to the business’ ones, has made the IT a commodity which is functional to the use of ordinary products and services and for enabling new modes and channels.
Consequently, traditional tools for software development based on long-term planning and sequential processes are no longer adequate to face new application challenges.

There is the necessity of a new paradigm that can vertically integrate applications, systems and data placed in the back-end with business-driven applications that need to access these resources in a fast, standard and secure way.

Confident with our experience and expertise in the application integration sector, we at AXLE take this new challenge, determined and aware of our means.

The success of an organization depends on the ability to make the right decisions through the strategic use of information.

However, it is more and more difficult for companies, being able to aggregate and process in real-time the increasing amount of external and internal data; only detailed and timely information guarantees the success of the decision-making processes.

This is why we have structured agreements and partnerships to collect and analyse data, in order to develop predictive models and define effective business lines for all our clients.